Wednesday, July 18, 2012

{Curious}...On Affection

I'm a really big fan of hugs. There is something so comforting when an dear friend, lovely mom, or adorable niece envelopes you in a sweet embrace. Coming from the midwest, I see lots of people  giving the Minnesotan hug, which is a wimpy one-armed side hug. Boring! I'll admit, I used to be an offender. But I've warmed up. A bit.

Mom sometimes warms me, though, not to be a cold fish. I'll give hugs, but I don't kiss Nick in front of others. Is that strange? I never thought so, but perhaps common culture requires public kisses. Kissing is indeed a more intimate act of affection. I've always been a bit of a stickler when it comes to PDA; I have very little tolerance. 

Despite my dislike for public mating, I've noticed we do live in a world that romanticizes and exploits the concept of love. It's as though we should always be showering our significant others in kisses. All the time. So although we seem to love kisses, I never feel like I get enough hugs. After all, the box office won't boom if Hollywood produces a movie filled with common, heart warming hugs, as opposed to steamy smooches. The old axiom rings true here; sex sells. Although overzealous with the saliva exchange program, our culture, in other respects, seems to be staunchly no touching. 

Humans love a hefty person bubble, though. Even in video games, avatars exhibit similar behaviors when it comes to proxemics. We like our "my space", but advertise intimate sex. It's a little paradoxical. 

So, if my vote counts, more hugs! They're versatile! Anyone can give you a hug and it makes your feel good. (Remember health class? We need ten good touches each day.) What are your thoughts? Do you prefer hugs or kisses? 

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