Thursday, July 19, 2012

It's Therapeutic

Princess and the Pea lies on the therapist couch.

Although life is generally quite good to all of us (we mostly all have refrigerators, shelter, jobs, friends), there are those heinous days, sometimes weeks, sometimes months, where our world simply flips. I've had moments when it rotated 180 degrees and I was suddenly looking at the future I had definitely not been planning. Other times, life has shifted a little to the left and things are frustratingly "off".

It's undeniably stress inducing when things just don't go our way. I'm a creature of planning. The List Queen, you can call me. I rely on structure & often predictability. Therefore, when my life flips, I stubbornly try to refuse it, making everything worse. 

So how do you cope? 

I often admit that retail therapy often helps me. Seriously. It may sound bizarre and financially irresponsible, but I enjoy it. I feel better afterwards, and isn't that what counts? I'm not saying I blow my entire paycheck on a spree. I usually get a few things I've really been wanting, but for some reason just haven't purchased them. In general, what makes me feel better is just being out. Looking at the colors, feeling the textures of everything. I don't have to know anyone that's around me at the mall, as long as there are other people. 

It's therapeutic. Being around other life.

I usually try burrowing myself in blankets, eating ice cream, watching TV in the basement searching for mind-numbing escapism, feeling sorry for myself. No matter how much I want it to work, it doesn't. I feel like a slob, and feel even worse. It's true that a shower can make all the difference. I get up, shower, put on my favorite outfit and do something with other people. Even if it means I'm watching television and eating ice cream with my girlfriends in their basement. 

In general, I'm shy when I first meet people and the life of the party once I know everyone. But that may be residue from high school (aren't we glad that's over.) and is slowing fading. Ultimately, I thrive from the exchange of energy between people. So when I'm feeling down, I go out. 

What do you do to feel better? Do you feel relaxed in big public spaces like the mall? Or is shopping annoying to you? What is your ultimate "feel-good" boost? I'd love to know!

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  1. Sometimes, retail therapy just feels GOOD. I don't do it often, but when I do it usually makes me feel better. Oftentimes when I'm feeling down, I'll make some tea, curl up, and read a book. I've found that reading is the only thing that truly takes my mind off whatever is bothering me.


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