Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Color Me Happy

As you may know, this past weekend I did a little shopping with Abby and Alex, who was visiting. I was overjoyed by how many bright, beautiful colors filled the stores. I just had to pick up these little flowers (similar style here) for your hair. I'm in-between hair cuts right now, so as my bangs and loose ends grow out, they are the perfect glorified bobby pins. I also found these amazing necklaces at Gap. They have even more in some great colors (I may have to get them) but I stuck with the pinky peach & orange colors I've been loving recently. Of course, all my accessories were so bright I needed some sunglasses! To top it off, I picked up a great water color stripe tee with rivet detailing on the pocket. I adore this aqua because it looks good on everybody! Seriously. Find a person who doesn't look good in an ocean cerulean. I've officially begun the spring-summer wardrobe overhaul.



  1. Oooh, what great finds! I definitely love all these pops of color :)

  2. oooo amazing. fabulous post, love. If you get a sec, Lauren Conrad has picked me as one of her 3 favorite bloggers. It would mean the world if you could take a second to vote. Thanks, love. xo



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