Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Vacation Kicks

I've probably mentioned about a million times that I'm going to Florida with my fam at the end of June. It's been a pretty long year, so you can imagine why I'm so pumped. Since we're flying, I sadly can't really bring all my shoes (as much as I'd like too!) for every outfit. Here's what I'm wondering today...When you're on vacation, what do you put on your feet? We all know I like my chucks. I want to be comfortable whether I'm on the beach, shopping or trekking through the new Harry Potter Park. Any suggestions? I'd love your input! What's your favorite vacation shoe?
Birkenstocks: everyone tells me they're amazing and that their feet haven't been happier. But I think they look so ugly (sorry if you like them!) and have always said I'd go barefoot before wearing them. Should I convert and become a Birkenstock junkie?
Sperry Top Siders: They have the reputation of being ultra cute and comfortable at the same time. I think it's great they have a wedge alternative. Do you go barefoot with these? They look like your feet would get really warm. Are they breathable? Would they be good for a variety of situations?

Soludos Espadrilles: These look super comfy to me. They look so easy to slip on, but also protect your toes from rocks and rogue stroller wheels. But, they also look a little flimsy? Have yours ever fallen apart? I always think Rachel Bilson looks so chic when she wears Espadrilles. Would your feet hurt after a day on the pavement? They look great for the beach.

Keds: they are so similar to my beloved chucks, but have a little bit more femininity to them, which I really like. As you know, I've been debating over which ones to get (help!). With socks, would your feet get super gross after a day of walking? What about water rides and the beach? Do you go sans socks? I'm cool with that as long as I don't get blisters. I like how classic these are

TOMS: These have been all the rage lately. Especially after the one day with out shoes. I hate to say it, but I think the classic are kind of ugly. Not so much ugly, but cumbersome and boxy. I think the ballet shoes are cute and chic. They also have wedges. I love that this company has a great cause donating one pair for children for every pair you buy. Thoughts? Do they last? 


  1. I have this love-hate relationship with Keds; I'm always tempted to try them, but then at the same time... I just feel that they look... flat?! They're like a funny cousin of Converse. Shoes are all about the angle!! Sometimes they look SO much better on than they would ever look in a photo ^_^

    Hope you have a good vacation! :)

  2. Buy a good pair of Reefs sandals and you'll be totally set :)

    1. Good idea! Thanks for the advice! I'll look into getting a pair.


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