Thursday, April 5, 2012

Giving In...

So I finally caved...I ate Ramen Noodles last night! I got done with a choir rehearsal, and it was much too late to get a "real" dinner. I also had a mountain of reading to do, so I grabbed my first packet of Ramen & took the plunge. Heating up the water in my rickety microwave while my fan cooled my eleventh floor room, oscillating back and fourth, I suddenly felt like the stereotypical college student. I had my glasses on, threw on yoga pants and was buckled down to tackled this heap of homework. The timer beeped. The orange package crinkled as I peeled it open. And there. One huge block of noodles. They looked like worms. Delicious worms. The "chicken flavoring" was super salty! Remind me to use half that or none next time! Anyway, officially eating Ramen. Makes me feel a little meh to be honest. Will I really live off of this? I should get this recipe book

Do you eat ramen? When you were in college, is this how you paid rent & still nourished yourself? What's your favorite flavor or recipe?


  1. i love using ramen noodles as the basis of my meal..add some chinese veggies, soy sauce, and some protein and it's a great and easy stir fry :-)

    1. Great idea! I've been so hungry for stir fry but I normally use rice. I'll try the noodles!

  2. oh my! i haven't had those in soooo long!!

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  4. I definitely ate my share of ramen in college! And now, even though I don't consider it "real food"'s SUCH a guilty pleasure. There's just something very comforting about ramen, a cheesy movie, a night in...very cozy! Yum!!!


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