Wednesday, April 25, 2012

{Splurge or Save}...Rosy Cheeks

One of my beauty favorites is blush. First of all, I just really love the color of blush and beige. So it makes sense that I love a beautiful rosy cheek on smooth porcelain skin. Blush makes you look like you just came in from the cold after ice skating, or got slightly burned just on your cheeks after a day in the garden. It's girly and natural looking. NARS blush is fantastic. They have great colors. This color has been voted as best blush! However, I'm young and totally skint. (Isn't that fun?! It's a good ol' british word for broke. It makes me feel less poor. :) I really love e.l.f for a beautiful, poppy blush. It's cheap and you can find it in every drugstore on the street corner! Splurge on NARS for when you're feeling decadent. Save on e.l.f when you're late for a date and you swing by CVS for mints. Only 3 buckaroos and you can keep it in your purse! Also, have you ever tried a blush color stick? This one is only a dollar! I might try it out.

1 comment:

  1. I saw a video of a girl applying her blush with a stick and it was gorgeous! I wonder if it'll make me break out...I really want to try it too, though.


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