Wednesday, September 19, 2012

{Curious}...Study Habits

In an attempt to get ahead of my studies for a weekend home with the family, I've become exceedingly aware of my study habits....

While I like to study in a peaceful environment, I need to be stimulated by something other than the subject I'm studying. Libraries filled with people typing & chit-chatting is a nice balance. Coffee shops are similarly conducive to studying; it's warm, smells good, there is a relaxed sense of calm, yet has a bustling vibe that is contagious. 

Along with being perfectly populous, coffee shops and cafés have possible the most important element. Food and drink. It's very difficult for me to study without having a snack or cup of coffee. I've heard some people have a reward system established; they eat a Skittle for every page they finish. That would be torturous. Nibbling helps me stay focused, energized, and content.
And sometimes, I just need solitude. If I'm going to sit down with a novel accompanied with literary theory, I settle into a cozy chair totally alone and read. For hours. This is possibly one of my most enjoyable parts of studying. Being able to only experience the story is fascinating.

I also find that I often chew on my pens, prop my face up with my left hand, listen to music, hum, take copious notes (more than necessary), wear my glasses (my eyes get tired), and tap/bounce my feet absentmindedly. What are your study habits?

P.S. How do you stay organized? A good book/computer bag. Do you go to office hours?

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