Monday, October 17, 2011


WAM exterior.
No, I'm not talking about the George Michael WHAM, although I do love that! I'm talking about the Weisman Art Museum.  An amazing new addition to Minneapolis, MN on the University of Minnesota-Twin Cities campus. After some extensive remodeling, it is finally open and I couldn't be more thrilled! First off, I think it's marvelous that this art museum is right on campus and free. It makes art so much more accessible to the young adult demographic. There are so many amazing exhibits and galleries! Georgia O'Keefee, Edith Carlson, and Mardsen Hartley. Here's a few of the art you can see if you go! p.s. the WAM shop is the farthest thing from the stereotypical gift shop. A funky, artistic, eclectic little shop. Great place for those chilly days when you need so inspiration and color.

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