Saturday, October 15, 2011

{Weekend Update}...Loring Pasta Bar

The Loring Pasta Bar*
Amazing food, amazing music, amazing ambiance. Sorry readers, no pictures from me this time! I'm so disappointed to report such, but I simply was so taken aback with the mood of The LPB. It's in a great location and has the most sophisticated, dark, chill quality that every great Pasta and Jazz bar calls for. I had the Vegetarian Orzo which had the perfect amount of balsamic! Delicious! I also got to sample some of  the  Fettuccini Carbonara. I highly recommend both. There is a mysterious quality with the brickwork, candles, and dim hand blown glass lights that is indescribable. Also, I can't applaud the musicians enough! A soulful set of five musicians (piano/vocals, bass, guitar, tenor sax, and drum) that seriously set the entire flavor for the evening.

*photo via by Jeffery Austin

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