Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Rainy Day

Rainy day from the window of the bus.

Finally, a rainy day. I seriously think that living in the midwest is a blessing and a curse. I get to experience every single season and all sorts of weather. Furthermore, I'm so blessed to not have to experience any serious weather catastrophes. Today is the first real gray blustering day with some clouds, rain, and puddles. Here's some of my rainy day necessities.

Mumford & Sons has a rich, unique sound that compliments any gray day.

Ben Folds album Wat to Normal features one of the most simplistically moving song, Cologne. One of the best rainy day mood setters.
Cologne-Ben Folds

A colorfully whimsical umbrella with your favorite flower (mine's Gerber Daisies) to brighten any bleary day.
Hunter Rain Boots

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