Tuesday, October 18, 2011

It's Easy Being Green

The color green and I go way back. I love the color green. I like the summer, playing frisbee on the freshly cut green grass, I prefer green apples over red apples and green grapes over red grapes. Green Bay Packers, emeralds, Kermit the Frog, Gumby! Green is a color associated with Christmas and St. Patrick's Day, so in my book, happiness. I have green nail polish, green shoes, green pens. Money is green, spring is green, lime jello is green. (And who doesn't like lime jello?!) Green tea is amazing and green bananas? Don't get me started. Then green got the best of me. And I mean the bad green. Jealousy. Now, other than green matching my eyes (which is delightful for the things above), jealousy isn't my most becoming quality. And I'm learning that although it's easy, it's not good! I took the strengths quest finder test and one of my top five strengths is input. This means I'm a collector and sure enough I am! I have documentation of almost everything I do from every ticket stub with my boyfriend to maps of places, letters, even those crappy notecards you get with a bouquet of flowers. So obviously, my instinct is that a strength is good, right? For the most part yes, until is also rears its ugly head as a weakness. Input. I collect. I hang on to things. See where I'm going? I'm a good grudge holder. Seriously, I could win the Olympics in holding grudges. This leads to a heightened chance of greenness. So, I'm curious today, is it easy being green?

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