Thursday, November 1, 2012

Rise and Shine

Considering we talk about life a lot, I thought today we'd look at mornings. It seems silly, but I'd argue that morning is the most important part of my day. Let's have a look why . . .

I get up at 6:00 am every single day of the school week. Now, my schedule varies slightly so that some days I could afford to get up 45 minutes later, but I still always roll out of bed at 6:00 am precisely. Why? I believe it's extremely important to have consistency in your life, where ever you can find it. By getting up at six, I establish a reliable (and predictable) morning, which keeps me calm and balanced. 
I keep my alarm clock far enough away from my bed so that I must physically rise, walk a few steps and turn it off. This prevents me from checking my clock in the middle of the night (I never slept straight through the night until I did this.) and keeps me from simply tapping the snooze button. 
Speaking of alarms . . . I never awake to a harsh alarm. It's jarring and frightening! Instead, I prefer something melodic, quiet, and generally happy. This is a really nice one. 

Once I'm out of bed, I do the yawn stretch (you know the one I'm talking about) and hop in the shower, get dressed, etc. Being put together helps me feel awake and ready to go. I grab some coffee and breakfast and then check my email.
I wait to check my email until now (about 6:30) because it's important to wake and have personal you time. Our lives are filled with other people, so why not start your day peacefully with just yourself?

My favorite part? I sit on my bed or in a comfy chair and read for fun as the sun rises. That's right. I read for school all the time, but every morning I read something that's fun for me. It keeps me sharp, engaged, and excited. 

What's your morning routine? Do you think it's important to have a schedule / consistency? Are you prone to check email, phone, etc. immediately? I'd love your thoughts on the importance of peaceful mornings as a way to establish balance and happiness. What's your trick?

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