Tuesday, October 16, 2012

{Fall Threads}...Pretty Like a Poppy

I saw this beautiful photo of a poppy field on Pinterest the other day and felt so inspired. This image is fall when I see it. It's so hazy and dreamy. The sky looks warm and the field looks crisp. And, oh yeah, the colors! So gorgeous! Be pretty as a Poppy for day and night.

P.S... Have you tried the Marc Jacobs perfume Poppy? It's delicious, and Abby highly recommends it. 


  1. looking at these i'm definitely more of a day person. a pair of comfy jeans and a shirt and i'm all set. the equipment blouse is a dream. love the color and the fact that it's silk.


  2. So perfect, loving all of these looks!
    xo TJ


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