Friday, October 26, 2012

{Curious}...Food for Thought

Question: Would you go to dinner with a professor? If it was paid for by an outside third party? 

My college sponsors an event every semester called Food for Thought which invites students to take a professor to dinner. It allows the faculty and students to get to know each other outside the classroom, or just as an individual, which can be tricky at a Big Ten University sometimes. Last year I went and it was awkward, so this year I was super hesitant . . . after all, you know how office hours can go. 

But it was great! I went with my English professor, and although I had tons of back up questions to ask in case dinner did get weird, I never used them! We chatted about books, movies, films, different cities around the states. Initially I thought that taking my professor would make class with him perpetually strange and tense, but I think not now. 

So, would you do it? 

Photo via old Instagram

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  1. I totally would! In fact, I used to do it all the time back in school. The design program was fairly small, so we would hang out with our professors all the made class seem more personable. One of them was only a few years older than us, and is now one of my good friends :)


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