Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Sun Tea Time

When the weather takes a break from blustery rains, and the sun bursts through, I take advantage it. The sun shown, the weather became balmy and I was thirsty! Sun tea. Nothing better than I cool tea time. Sun tea is a deliciously fun drink. It can steep for hours in the sun instead of turning the kitchen into a sauna on warm days. 

1. Use one teaspoon of dry tea leaves for every cup of water.
2. Let sit for about 2 hours during the noon hours for medium strength tea.
3. Chill for one to three hours and serve over ice.
4. Depending on flavor add decorative fruit. (I had black raspberry tea and used raspberries. I also would recommend orange slices.)
5. Some people like to sweeten their tea with sugar. With this, I was able to use the juice from the raspberries as a natural sweetener. 
6. Serve with pita and hummus and various cheeses and enjoy!

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