Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Raspberry Reminiscence

The fall is officially here and I couldn't be more please. Sweaters, boots, wool socks, savory foods, and warm spice cakes. However, today was sunnier than it's been in weeks, and I could't help but crave for fruity flavors. Over the summer I experimented with cupcakes in the kitchen to fill my time as the bathroom was being remodeled. My favorite was the chocolate raspberry minis I baked for my mother's birthday. 

I used a basic chocolate cake recipe. Instead of adding a puree of raspberries like most recipes call for, I tried substituting the vanilla for a raspberry flavoring. (1/4 tsp. per batch) The benefits? No seeds in the cupcake, no mess with purees, and a perfectly candy shop sweet treat minus the sticky lips. 

The frosting is a butter cream with some gel food coloring added in. Add in small amounts!!! Also, I did some variations of piping and spreading along with raspberries filled with chocolate and powdered sugar. Delicious!

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