Friday, May 25, 2012

Up On the Stage

The auditions for So You Think You Can Dance aired last night and it got me all sentimental. In high school I dance all the time. The best part about it was performing. I was in show choir, band, marching band, dance. If I could be on a stage, then there I was. Getting to college, I suddenly didn't perform as much as I used to. I started missing dance so much while I watched in awe last night that this morning I did Zumba. That's right. For the first time in a long time I worked out. I discovered that: 1) I'm out of shape big time. 2) You feel ridiculous doing Zumba 3) It's fun! I felt like I was back at dance! I'm definitely going to their recital this year to see my old dance girls, costumes, make-up the works. The glitter, lights, music. It's addictive and thrilling.

Have a wonderful, performance filled weekend!

Were you a big performer in high school? Are you still? 

Photo credit: Katie Konkle

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