Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Donald Driver Day

Official proclamation of Donal Driver Day,
signed by Gov. Walker & Secretary of State
Can you believe it? Today, May 23, has been declared as Donald Driver Day by Gov. Scott Walker in Wisconsin. Just after winning Dancing With The Stars, Driver will forever be celebrated in WI as a champion of football, children's books, and ballroom dancing. 

Winning DWTS; The Mirror Ball

But let's think about this... 

We know the race for the recall election is tight. The results will be close. Is Gov. Walker using this to rally support and followers? Donald Driver is perhaps one of the most likable citizens in Wisconsin right now. Who could say no to that smile? By celebrating one of the most loved celebrities, Gov. Walker is pulling at the heartstrings of Wisconsin's population. 

Whether Gov. Walker is using this proclamation for political reasons or not, we can say for sure this will definitely not hurt his chances in the recall election. 

Top photo via. Credited to Donald Driver/Twitter
Bottom photo via 

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