Monday, August 15, 2011

Goals of Revenge

Revenge is a very plausible
Reason. It is. 
Goals are very possible 
Results or the 
Desire for satisfying revenge.
Become one of the many
(Wo)men. Doctor, surgeon, lawyer.
Skinner may have a field day,
But not Ole. A teacher, scientist,
A bum. Anything but 
A failure.
After all, the redundant 
No’s, the refusal fro more 
Negatives thunders inside.
Yes. Yes, or yes. The 
Somedays are will be’s
Not maybe's.
No to the ivy facades shielding
The outsiders glittering stares
From crumbling, disgusting
Brick sinking past old outdated
Foundations of 
Prejudice elitism.
Yes! Yes to the shining 
Buildings, brilliant in 
Honesty, academic minds,
Collaboration to 
Nurture and create innovative
Bountiful designs, 
Literature, science.
Yes! to be a cog in the
Mechanics of making 
Lives richer, fulfilling. 
Increase the potential!
Say yes to successfulness.
Whatever that may be.
A love awaits me.
No. Not a job, but a love.
Something I will awake to when
The Sun Rises that I am
Passionate for when the
Lovely, radiant moon
Glows unashamedly in the 
Helping light of the 
Glorious sun. 

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