Monday, August 15, 2011


Limestone. Large limestone
Laid delicately on luscious
Hills, cocooned by
Elder trees.
“Cows, Community, College.”
Quaintly welcomes the
Weary traveler. Quivering
A wind mill rotates
At an even, predictable, rate.
The three, holy white
Arms generating energy.
The elevator elegantly glides
Transporting prospectives
A soft, melodious ring and 
Dim light alerts the passengers
Or the end.
Stepping out, the stained
Glass explodes with color, 
As if the rainbow was 
Shot by the sun. Light
Blithely dances on the gray
But unusually
Be a drop of ice cream
Quietly plops on the 
Pristine walkway.
Polka music brilliantly seeps
From the neighboring building
Almost home.

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