Sunday, May 29, 2011

Wait Listed at the Gates

Let’s see...
Oh! Yes, yes, there
You are. Oh, dear,
Well, ummmmm...
Dear, Leila,
    Thank you for your
Interest in the pearly,
Not limestone, gates and
Your enthusiastic efforts 
To be here.
While we appreciate your
Intentions, there were simply 
Too many 
Well, you see, you
Never went to drug,
Alcohol, and behavior
Rehabilitation. You 
May be a minority. But
You are not a
Minority of the minority.
Your handwriting is too
Neat and you smell...
So Clean. Not like 
Pot, or sewers.
We know this was your
First choice, but we’re
Sure you’ll find a 
Place for you.
One that’s
Here! Can I 
Tempt you with this 
Ring? The 
Forth ring is really
Quite nice. 
Luxurious. Always
Warm You can
Roast your midwestern 
Hot dogs and
High brow, privately 
Funded “Bon Appetite!”
Try again next year when
You clothe your body in rages.
Suffer an eating disorder,
Survive a natural disaster,
Create an alternate personality,
Relapse into alcoholism
And maintain your 4.0
of charity, sunday school and
prayers and we’ll do 
The best we can. 

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